Silent Screamer.

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#Silent Screamer.
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Downthis is about my happiness. i wanna share with you..u need to reed if u wanna know more about the story..

:65:THE FIRST TOPIC IS school.(sekolah agama menengah rawang.)
dear my lovely school,now...i'll wait for the long school holiday.that's mean...I'LL WAIT 2 days more 'pening2 kepala'!no more 'penat or letih'.this school holidays,i'll rest for a long wanna know what i'm suppose to do?i suppose to do sejarah!i mean folio sejarah!OH MY GOD!i don't like this activities!my teacher asked us(kelas 2 hanafi)to do this folio without using computer?!that's too much!i hate this situation!it's mean that we gonna use our hand energy!seriously,i never thought about it!even though,i'm still happy because i got this holidays!
Thursday, May 26, 2011 | 5:16 AM | 0 comments