Silent Screamer.

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#Silent Screamer.
just you in my heart..
last night u asked me,"if i miss u,just looked at the sky.imagine that our love like the moon and the star.they help each other to describe the world."i'm shocked once you said like that.but,to me..everyday,i'll miss you.and everyday,i will look at the sky to search for our love like the moon and the star.behind the star,i found our love smiling at me.i'm so sad when i remember your words."kept our love in a box that i ever gave you.if i go to the heaven,i want you to looked and the sky.smiling at the sky as you smile at me.please find your new love if i gone.i'll be happy if u happy too."

how can i find a new one?i just love you.i just like other person can be as better as promised me that you wound't leave me alone.u promised me u want getting vagaries of life only with me.but,how about all your promised??you lie!if you love me,how can you said like that to me?please don't go!don't leave me alone.

i miss you.don't make me like this..i know every person will die but,don't said like that to me.i'll cry once you said like that.
i don't wanna losing you as i losing my cute teddy.
dear,u are my teddy bear.every day,u will be my ear to hear all my problems.even though you can't solve my least,you can be my good can give a good respond to my problems.furthermore,you always make my life happy.i always laughing if u tell your funny story.
are you remember our promises?i hope you remember all that.i can't forget all your 

last word that i wanna 
say is i love u.i will
look at the sky if i miss you.
Friday, July 22, 2011 | 5:46 AM | 2 comments